Want to understand you skin condition and have a personalised skin care treatment?

Scientist discovered a long time ago, that our skin consists of multiple layers. The only layer we can see with the human eye is the outer layer (epidermis). Very often the deeper layers contain the keys to healthy skincare and the prevention of signs of ageing.

With Advanced Skin Analysis, you can visualise your TOTAL skin condition INCLUDING the underlying 'invisible' layers, skin structures and patterns. The illumination of the florescent of different king of lights of facial skin. Within 30 minutes you will have a clear understanding of your own skin condition and you will be provided with personal skin care routine for an needs identified .  

skin diagnosis 2 faces_000002.jpg

Advanced skin ANALYSIS includes: 

  • Qualified ASA practitioner

  • Salon treatment plan with appropriate home care program

  • Clear captured images using patented OBSERV device showing multidimensional images of the facial area
  • A copy of the images emailed to you 

In preparation for this consultation, please bring (or make a list) all the skin care products you are currently using, including make-up.

Looking forward to achieving HEALTH VIBRANT SKIN. 

Value : 45 - 60 min - $80




5 benefits of knowing your skin:

  1. Keep track progress with your skin care professional at Anoush Beauty
  2. Discrete and personal skin analysis report (emailed)
  3. The ability to respond to real skin-needs and prevent future imperfections by using the right products and treatments
  4. 100% safe and harmless analysis method
  5. start your new skin health plan directly